There are many ways to give to Oasis! 

From volunteering during drop-in hours, to teaching a workshop, to donating money, your contribution makes a significant difference to Oasis and to LGBTQ youth. 

GIVE TO OASIS -- DONATE relies on donors who generously give nearly $50,000 a year in support of our mission.Your financial support helps Oasis fulfill our mission and ensures that LGBTQ youth can thrive. Your donation will be acknowledged as tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 


"I never knew that I could matter so much to young people just by showing up, until I spent my Friday nights doing just that, showing up." -  Oasis Volunteer

Oasis relies on interns and volunteers to donate 4,500 hours annually.  Oasis started with volunteers and the continual success and growth of our program hinges on the energy and determination of our volunteers.   Many people say they never begin volunteering because they are never asked.  We are asking! We ask that you share your time, your enthusiasm, and your passion with us.  There are many different ways for interns and volunteers to be involved in Oasis. Below, please find a brief overview description of our main roles. If you want to intern or volunteer with us, please contact us at

  • Drop-in center volunteers staff the drop in center during our regular open hours. These volunteers provide mentorship, lead activities, and help with site supervision through a 3 hour weekly or bimonthly shift. There are also opportunities as drop in center volunteers to lead a regular program and/or activity at Oasis. 
  • Special Events Volunteers are volunteers interested in working with youth and helping Oasis who cannot make a weekly or bi-monthly commitment as a drop in center volunteer. Special Events Volunteers help staff dances, retreats, fundraising events, and other youth events as they come up throughout the year.
  • Special Projects Volunteers are volunteers who help out with administrative tasks, mailings, fundraising, technology projects and other special projects.
  • Oasis accepts interns who are enrolled in an academic program for credit. Please contact us early on in the process of determining your internship. Please email us a cover letter to with Intern in the subject line. We will schedule an in person interview to talk about your goals and Oasis intern needs. We accept interns of all ages. 

Please note: all Oasis Youth Center interns and volunteers must pass a criminal background check.


Want to offer your support but don't have the time to be a full time volunteer?  Show your support by donating one or more items off our wish list. And if you have something you think we'd like, please call or email us. Thank you for donating to Oasis!