How can I join Oasis?
If you are an LGBTQ youth or young adult between the ages 14 - 24 and want to join Oasis, please contact us to set up an intake meeting. We can meet at Oasis or at another public location that's easier for you (coffee shop, college, school, counselor's office). 

Call us at 253-671-2838 or email us at to set up an intake appointment or come by during our open drop-in hours. Read more below to find out about our process.

What is an intake?
During an intake, you will meet with an Oasis staff member to discuss your interest in Oasis.  We also review our community agreements - we think it's fair to let you know upfront what we expect of you and what you can expect from Oasis!
  • If you want, click on these links to check out our intake form and community agreements. You can print out these forms and bring them with you to your intake, or just review them online. We always bring all the paperwork with us, too. 
  • You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to your intake meeting, if your intake is not during drop-in hours. We are also happy to give family members and other trusted adults a tour of our center during non-drop-in hours.
Where is Oasis and how do I get there? 
Oasis is located in Tacoma, WA at 2215 Pacific Ave. in downtown Tacoma. 

When is Oasis open?
Oasis staff members are in the office and available most weekdays. Drop-in center hours are:
  • Monday, 5:00-8:30 pm (Youth Council)
  • Thursday, 4-10 pm
  • Friday, 4-10 pm
  • Saturday, 6-12 am